We are your specialist for the implementation of nature-related, creative and functional outside surface environments. We accompany you from the idea and planning phase until the continuous maintenance - with commitment and pleasure in the result.

  • "Excellent work"

    Dear Mr. Sallermann,

    We thank you very much for the excellent work you and your people have done in our driveway.

    We are more than satisfied with the result. All the people that you had sent here were very committed and focussed on the tasks, everyone was obviously very knowledgeable. They did not only work very precisely, but they introduced their own ideas to problem areas (e.g. around the lilacs), so that even there we got a solution that we really like.

    Thanks again! We wish you and your wife beautiful Easter holidays.
    Cilli and Dieter Titgemeyer
    Object: Auf dem Bauloh 15c, 58119 Hagen (Hohenlimburg)
  • "Artwork in the "smallest garden of Herdecke""

    Dear Mr. Sallermann,

    My wife and I would like to thank you and your team sincerely for your wonderful work!

    In February 2009, we contacted you in order to shape the "smallest yard of Herdecke" for a limited budget. You outlined us four proposals in quite a short time. We decided us for one of them - with a small modification.

    Sometime in late March work began and about two weeks later, the artwork was already finished. Your staff was very friendly, always focussed - and perhaps also enjoyed the coffee and cookies that my wife offered daily (:-)).

    In the past 10 weeks since the completion we have already been more often in the garden than in the past 2-3 years added together. We just feel comfortable. And for this we thank you a lot!

    We wish you continued success and recommend you!
    André Wilms
    Object: 58313 Herdecke
  • "The most beautiful and most elaborate offer"

    Dear "Sallermen"!

    The idea to build a beautiful garden fitting to our home existed as long as its acquisition. As we now decided in 2008 to realize this project, we were excited about the ideas the addressed gardeners and landscapers would like to implement.

    Here the offer of the company Sallermann was (for us) the most beautiful and most elaborate. We immediately realized that you already invested a lot of work in the first offer, which we would not have believed for a "rough-cut planning".

    The result is more than we had expected, by far. We really got a feel-good garden, so it is now surely harder for us to find a suitable holiday destination.

    That is why we want to express with this letter, how grateful we are to all the incolved colleagues who have created this gem for us.

    On your website we could read the sentence: Our customers' satisfaction - your satisfaction - is our ultimate goal; to achieve it, we measure ourselves over and over again. This applies to 100%, and for us it is clear that even upcoming garden projects are carried out by the company Sallermann.

    In this sense, thank you again!
    Family Bodenröder
  • ""Turned out really well""

    Hello Mr. Sallermann,

    I'm just strolled through the garden - all the flower beds with flowers. Looks great.

    I was thinking of you, wanted to tell you briefly how good that has become. The paths are very appreciated by all visitors, also for this a compliment.

    If you like to take a look at your flower artwork: I will open a nice wine, or whatever you like to drink!
    Gunter Schlageter

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